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Dental care, eyewear and hearing aids

All of our Medicare plans include dental, eyewear and hearing benefits. Compare our plans and find the coverage that's best for you.


Learn about these benefits

You can find specific plan information in the Evidence of Coverage (EOC).

Direct member reimbursement (DMR)

A DMR is an annual allowance to see any licensed provider in the U.S. You will pay out of pocket and then submit a form to get reimbursed up to the plan’s allowance.


Using a participating provider for covered services generally costs less. 

Dental benefits

Dental health is a big part of your total health and wellness. That’s why our plans offer dental coverage.


Our plans include our Total Choice Dental benefit which allows you to receive dental services from an Aetna Dental® PPO network provider or a provider not in our network. If you see a network provider, we have contracted rates with them. That means you get more coverage. If you choose to see a provider not in our network that is willing to bill us directly you will not be required to submit for reimbursement.  

To find an Aetna Dental PPO network provider, visit our online directory


Note: Out-of-network providers are not required to bill us directly, but many will. If not, you can pay for covered services at the time you get care and send us information, like a receipt and reimbursement form, to get reimbursed.


Eyewear benefit

Your vision is important to your health and wellness. We pay up to an annual allowance maximum for non-Medicare covered prescription eyewear. You are responsible for any amount above the eyewear coverage limit. You may see any licensed vision provider in the U.S. To be reimbursed for your eyewear, you must complete the medical reimbursement form. See below for instructions for submitting for reimbursement.

Hearing benefit

Your hearing is important to your health and wellness. Because of this, all of our plans include coverage for hearing aids through a network provider. Our plan has teamed up with NationsHearing to provide your hearing exam and hearing aid benefit. Hearing aids must be purchased through them to be covered.


We pay up to an annual allowance maximum per ear for hearing aids. You are responsible for any amount above the hearing aid coverage limit. Hearing devices with $0 out-of-pocket are available.


All appointments must be scheduled through NationsHearing by calling 1-877-225-0137 ${tty}.

Submitting your reimbursement

Submitting your reimbursement

If your plan has a DMR structure, Allina Health | Aetna Medicare will need the information below to process your reimbursement request for dental or eyewear. You may need to obtain some of these items during your visit, so be sure to capture all needed information while you are there.


  • A copy of the paid itemized receipt from the provider, including:
  • The date of service
  • Your doctor's name (not the location or clinic name)
  • The address of your provider
  • A brief description of the service(s) or item(s) you are requesting reimbursement for (for example, D2740 porcelain crown)
  • Diagnosis codes (for eyewear benefits)

Put your member ID number on every item you send us, such as the receipt from the provider. Fill out the online reimbursement form or you can mail these items to the medical claims address listed on the form.

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